Chelsea Barbers was founded in 1997 by Colombian immigrant Bertilda (Betty) Garcia. Betty has been involved in the beauty industry for over 25 years. A Master Barber herself, she is an expert with traditional and modern haircuts using shears, straight edge razor shaves. Prior to starting her business, she perfected her skills at the famous Sherry-Netherland hotel’s barbershop.


Max & Ray hard at work

Betty’s experience properly prepared her for opening Chelsea Barbers. Located at the landmarked London Terrace apartment complex (23rd Street & 10th Ave.), Chelsea Barbers quickly became a neighborhood staple, known as the cultishly popular, “chop-shop”, by the locals.

What motivates us? We believe that men should be catered to just as women are. Unfortunately there are very few truly professional grooming services available for men, which is why we work very hard at creating a great experience for every man and boy that walks through the door.

At Chelsea Barbers we maintain the highest of cleanliness and hygiene standards. This is very rare in the industry.

We ensure that every cut done by our team is accurate, precise and not rushed.The overall environment is very relaxing and laid back.

Chelsea Barbers 2

Art by Pepe Villegas     www.pepevillegas.com

What makes the team at Chelsea Barbers so great? Betty has ensured that only the top Master Barbers become our staff. The crew consists of fully licensed and trained Master Barbers. All barbers working at Chelsea Barbers have at least 10 years of experience or more.

In addition, Chelsea Barbers is a strong supporter of local artists. Therefore, clients can enjoy the stunning artwork of Pepe Villegas (www.pepevillegas .com) while waiting to be serviced.